Eliminating contamination risks and creating safer medicines with animal origin free (AOF) proteins

Eliminating contamination risks

Richcore Lifesciences is a research-driven biotech company committed to making medicines safer by offering reliable, cost effective, and high-quality recombinant proteins and enzymes that replace animal derived components used in the manufacturing of medicines. Richcore offers Not of Animal Origin (NOA) recombinant proteins for regenerative medicine, stem cell research, and biotherapeutics such as insulin and vaccine manufacturing and cosmetic applications. The company has already enabled several global manufacturers of insulin and vaccines to do away with animal derived components and produce billions of doses of safer medicines by using their products. Richcore’s vision and commitment is to create safer, more reliable, and more sustainable solutions to tackle current health problems. Richcore’s most cost effective and affordable recombinant human albumin, is expected to replace blood plasma for therapeutic use once approved

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