We Make Medicines
and Food Safer
and More Sustainable

Laurus Bio (formerly Richcore Lifesciences) is an integrated research-driven biomanufacturing organization with over 15 years of experience in precision fermentation and recombinant DNA technology. We have a unique history and experience developing and manufacturing ultra-pure animal-free recombinant products for the biopharma industry and high-volume industrial-scale biotechnology products for food, health, and nutrition markets.

We manufacture animal-origin-free recombinant proteins, growth factors, and cell-culture media supplements that are safe, virus-free, and sustainable. Our products and solutions cater to the unique requirements of various industries such as Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine, Vaccines and Biological Drugs, Cultured Meat, and Cell-Culture Media Manufacturing.

At Laurus Bio, we offer in-depth fermentation-based product development and manufacturing expertise, as a service (CDMO) to novel protein companies and bio-manufacturers — from clone development, strain engineering, process development, and scale-up to large-scale commercial manufacturing, supporting our customers at every step of the microbial precision fermentation value chain.

By harnessing the power of precision fermentation and synthetic biology, we are paving the way for a global shift away from animal-derived products and making medicines and food, safer and more sustainable.

Laurus Bio’s corporate goals are aligned with the goals of the society at large to achieve meaningful and sustainable economic development. Laurus Bio intrinsically believes that doing well happens by doing good!

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